4 Ways A Student-Run Business Will Teach Life Skills

Posted on: 20 July 2021

When considering a classroom curriculum, many parents may wonder about the real-life applications a student will have with their education. With an extra focus on life skills classes, students can master skills that will pertain to jobs, money, and everyday life. One method of a life skills school is the operation of a student-run business.

An actual business gives students a lot of responsibility and will teach skills that last for years to come. Learn about the life skills a student will learn through the business lessons.

1. Money Math

One of the biggest life skills students learn through an actual business is money math. Simple transactions are one of the basic steps as students learn to accept money and give change. Other forms of payment like credit cards are also covered.

Money math can also expand to counting down registers, determining profits, and setting prices for specific items. The overall business coverage will help prepare a student for their first real job and prevent money math issues in the future.

2. Fine Motor Skills

Handling money and change throughout a shift can result in the development of key fine motor skills. Students will learn how to separate dollar bills and quickly grab change. The longer a student does the task, the more their motor skills will improve.

Motor skill development also increases with other tasks like the placement of price stickers or price tags. The organization of products for display could also make a big difference.

3. Social Situations

As students deal with real customers, they learn proper ways to interact, handle conflict, and come up with resolutions. When working at a student-run business, problems will arise and students will learn life skills to get through situations, remain calm, and choose the best solution.

Along with going through the situations on a daily basis, teachers will guide a student through the situation and offer up different options to work through. The personal experience will help build confidence and the job skills needed to thrive.

4. Branding & Marketing

When students run a business, they will learn proper ways to market the business to others. Marketing tools include networking, graphic design, and choosing the best promotions for the business to succeed. The use of marketing skills can branch off into a lot of areas including advanced math, graphic design, and social connections.

Marketing classes can expand for students and build overall business skills that the students will use for the rest of their lives.

Look into life skills classes to see which options offer student-run businesses and the types of businesses available.