Not Religious And Don't Like Public Schooling? 3 Private High Schools In NYC To Look Into

Posted on: 19 October 2016

There are some really great public schools in NYC as well as great religious high schools, but if you and your child would prefer a secular school that did not have a strong focus on religion and has an intimate atmosphere that a public school will not have, then private high schools are the answer. Below are three of the best private high schools in NYC. Two are located in Manhattan, and one is located in The Bronx.

Horace Mann

If you speak with someone who lives or works in New York City and ask them to name an exclusive private school, they would likely name Horace Mann. It's a co-ed school located on a bucolic campus in Riverdale. The campus has a lot more room then Manhattan private schools because it is located in The Bronx. The school has an excellent academic curriculum. It also has an amazing array of sports available for the students. The campus is close to Van Cortland Park, which is the epicenter for cross country meets in NYC. It's also close to the Hudson River, which allows the school to offer rowing (crew). There is also a very strong arts program, with a particularly rich musical program. Students even hold recitals during the year in Manhattan at professional caliber theaters such as Alice Tully Hall.


Dalton is another famous co-ed private school in New York. It is located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. The school was started by progressives who thought it was better to have a plan of study that was designed to fit to the student's interests, instead of teaching a preset plan from textbooks and enforcing memorization. This has led to Dalton having a reputation for stressing individual thought and independence in the student body. The school has a popular newspaper as well as a strong arts program (many actors, including Claire Danes, Christian Slater, and Chevy Chase, graduated from the school).

The school was long considered a very exclusive institution only suited for the very rich, with alumni including Anderson Cooper (son of the heiress Gloria Vanderbilt), but has now moved to make financial aid available to people who are not millionaires.

Collegiate School

This school is not as well-known as Horace Mann or Dalton, but it has the privilege of being the oldest school in the country (founded in 1628). The school was around before New York was officially New York (back when it was still New Amsterdam). It's an all-boys school located on the Upper West Side. The students have a classic curriculum, including the study of Greek and Latin. The classes are very small and the student to teacher ratio is vastly superior to what you would find in any public school.

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