4 Ways to Prepare Your Permitted Teen for Safe Driving Once They Earn Their License

Posted on: 9 August 2016

Worried about your permitted teen's safety on the road once they officially get licensed? Here are a few things you can do to maximize safety and minimize unpleasant surprises once your teen earns their driver's license.

Invest in Driving School

An excellent way to make sure that your teen will stay safe once they get behind the wheel alone as a licensed driver is to send them to driving school while they still have their permit. Accredited driving schools know exactly what your state expects in terms of road rules and regulations and will ensure that your teen fully understands them all. And because your teen's teachers will not have any personal feelings or emotions attached to the training, there is likely to be a lot less stress for both you and your teen while they learn to drive than if you were acting as the teacher.

A good driving school will help reinforce good driving habits and teach your teen how to drive distraction-free, even when they are driving with friends. Your teen should also have access to simulations that allow them to practice driving in inclement weather, during night time hours, and on the freeway when the conditions can't be found on the road at the time. Some states even offer discounts for driving tests if a driver's education course has been completed.

Plan a Few Road Trips

Another effective way to ensure that your teen is ready to become a licensed driver by planning a few road trips together while they have their permit. This will give you a chance to gauge how well their driving skills are developing and whether or not they observe safe driving habits in the car. Have your teen drive all the way to your destination and back so you can simply observe and make suggestions as necessary.

Take road trips that will give your teen plenty of opportunity to practice driving through different landscapes and road conditions. Choose locations that will expose your teen to driving near beaches, through the mountains, and even in large cities during rush hour. Plan weekend camping trips, day trips to shop for new clothes, and afternoon excursions to watch the sunset at a park outside of town. The more practice your teen has while driving with an experienced adult such as yourself, the less chance they'll have of being injured in an accident or getting pulled over for traffic violations.

Install a Backup Camera

More than 200 people are killed and 18,000 injured each year due to backup accidents, so it's a good idea to outfit the vehicle with a backup camera once they get licensed with a backup camera. Installing a backup camera will minimize blind spots and increase your teen's confidence when they're parking, backing out of a driveway, or pulling up to get gas. Aftermarket backup cameras are installed by having a monitor attached to the dashboard and a connected camera attached to the back bumper or license plate. It can't be used to stream shows or play videos, so the system shouldn't distract your teen while they're on the road as a licensed driver.

Implement a Rewards Program

To encourage your teen to stay safe and practice positive driving habits after getting their license, consider creating a rewards program. The idea is to keep track of how well your teen is going on the road so you can reward them with a small gift for their commitment to safety. For example, if your teen can go three months without getting a traffic ticket, you can provide them with a gas card that will let them drive around for a few weeks without having to buy gas out-of-pocket.

In addition to major accomplishments, come up with three to five things your teen can do to earn rewards throughout the month to earn something fun that will encourage them to stay focused on safe driving. For example, if they wash the car once a week, perform a basic inspection, and haven't been caught driving where they shouldn't be, you can reward them with movie tickets at the end of the month so they can celebrate their accomplishments with friends.

These tips and tricks should be easy to implement and are sure to help keep your teen safe on the road as they become a licensed driver. Learn more by visiting resources like http://www.a1peckdrivingschool.com.