4 Ways To Jump Start Your Way Into Your Dream Career

Posted on: 25 May 2016

Do you have a dream career? Is it something you would love to start, but lack the necessary experience or qualifications? It might seem too time consuming to break into your dream career by starting from scratch. This is especially true if you have already gotten a degree in a different subject, spent years in a different career, or have been a stay-at-home parent since you graduated high school. Don't worry, though. You can jump start your way into many careers. This means you won't have to spend years getting additional education or beginning in an entry-level position.

Here are four methods you can use to make your leap into your dream career a shorter one.


You don't have to be a college student to do an internship. Many jobs advertise for interns from all walks of life. If you are in college, the internship will give you college credit. If you are not currently a student, an internship gives you valuable experience in your dream career.

While most internships are unpaid, you can use the experience they provide you to get a higher level paying job in that career when the internship is done. If you have the savings to do this, or are not currently working, an internship may be ideal for you. Jobs in journalism, government, and teaching are commonly begun with an internship.

College Transfer Credits

You may already have a large number of college credits that will apply toward a new major. This means you won't have to start your education all over from scratch to get the degree you need for your dream career.

Look into the degree program your ideal career requires and see what classes you need to take. Then, look at your old transcripts from your first degree.

You may be surprised at how many of those credits will transfer into your new degree program and put you several semesters ahead of the game. If you're not sure about which credits will transfer from your old school, contact the new school's admissions office to ask about transferable credits.

Nearly any career that requires a college degree may be able to be jump started using transferable credits.


An apprenticeship is similar to an internship, except it usually pays wages or a salary. Also, you typically don't require any experience to get an internship. While some apprenticeships will take you with no experience, others want you to have at least a working knowledge of the job before you can be hired. If your desired apprenticeship requires experience, try doing an internship in that field first.

During your apprenticeship, you will work under a master in the field. Most apprenticeships last at least a year, and sometimes several years. Once you are done with it, you will be a master, and can get hired at a professional pay level. Apprenticeships are wonderful ways to get the experience you require in your desired field while getting paid to learn.

According to OnlineMBA.com, common careers that require apprenticeships include anything in the construction trades, such as carpentry, electrical work, engineering, and plumbing.

Competency Exams

Other careers only require you to take a competency exam to be granted entry. Depending on the career, you might need to take a few adult education or college courses first. With other careers, all you need to do is study a manual, then take an exam. If you pass the exam, you are given a license to practice as a professional in that field. Some common careers that require competency exams to enter include insurance sales and real estate.


If you have a dream to work in a certain career, it's never too late to start. Even if you've been out of school for a long time and lack any experience in your dream job, you can get started in it more quickly than you think. Use one or more of these jump-start techniques, and you will be loving your new career in no time. For more information, contact a school such as Chatfield College.