Three Reasons Why You Should Enroll Your Child In A Montessori Child Day Care Center

Posted on: 11 April 2016

There are child day care centers and then there are Montessori day care centers. There is a vast difference between a standard day care center and one that strictly focuses on the Montessori program. While there are many benefits to enrolling your children in a Montessori daycare, there are equally as many reasons why you definitely should. Here are just a few of those reasons.

Montessori Programs Foster Independence and Freedom of Choice

If your child is the type of kid that definitely knows his or her own mind and may even be labeled as "willful" by some other teachers you have encountered, the problem may not be your child's personality but the day care center itself. Your child would fare far better in a Montessori program, where independence is not only praised, but encouraged. Additionally, freedom of choice and self-guided learning are at the core of Montessori programs, which means that your child's "willfulness" is no longer a problem or even a real issue because he or she is allowed to choose what materials to interact with and explore so they can learn about what topics interest him or her the most.

Montessori Program Materials Can Be Used at Home Too

If your child is really learning a lot from the program in the center, then he or she can continue that learning at home with the same materials. In fact, projects and learning at home is encouraged, even at an early age with the Montessori program and its materials. Montessori teachers often lend out materials to families who would like to try some of the materials at home before purchasing them, a feature you will not find in regular daycare centers.

Montessori Child Care Programs Transition Smoothly into Elementary Charter Schools

Many of the charter schools now popping up across the country are Montessori schools for elementary, secondary and high school education. If you would like your child to enter one of these Montessori charter schools in your area, you should enroll him or her in a Montessori day care/ preschool early on. The transition made from the day care/ preschool levels to Montessori charter schools is reportedly so smooth that kids have no problem adjusting to full days in the kindergarten classroom. Since they continue working with some of the same materials they remember from day care, this also makes them feel very safe and secure in the elementary level classrooms. Contact a center, like Miniapple International Montessori School, for more help.